Sep 29 2011

Good in a Crisis

Why to take your kids to the new Children’s Emergency Services

When it comes to taking your child for urgent medical treatment, many parents don’t realize that urgent-care facilities can’t meet their needs. Often, they’ll be transferred to a place like Children’s Emergency Services at UMHS, one of the few hospitals in the state that never needs to send patients elsewhere. Transferring locations not only wastes potentially critical time in treating your little one, but may also cost families twice as much in copays.

A private treatment room in the new all-pediatric children's emergency department at Mott Children's Hospital.

With the opening of the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital, parents have even more reason to bring their kids to Children’s Emergency Services. The new space will have more beds, a dedicated observation area, updated resuscitation equipment and a dedicated CT scanner just for the children in that area. And, it will have a higher concentration of dedicated pediatric nursing staff to meet patient’s needs. For many families, one of the most attractive features is the continuation of free valet parking available for visitors. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 15 2011

On the Move

UMHS counts down to the opening of the new C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital

Click the photo above to visit the full photo gallery of the new children's and women's hospital.

With inpatients scheduled to move on Sunday, Dec. 4, the new hospital will increase patient privacy and capacity and offer more comfortable and attractive facilities for patients, families and Health System employees. And, the new building uses the latest technology to provide our caregivers an environment to translate breakthroughs and innovative medicine into routine care for patients.

The new hospital will have:

  • a children’s emergency department with its own helipad
  • 16 operating rooms
  • more and larger labor, delivery and recovery rooms in the Birth Center
  • guest services specialists  on every floor to increase security and help with way finding
  • an interventional radiology suite next to the operating rooms on level 4
  • an accommodation area for all intensive care units’ families in need of short-term lodging
  • so much more it’s impossible to list everything! Read the rest of this entry »
Sep 8 2011

All in Good Time

Lean Stroke Project Team coordinates and compresses treatment time for patients

Every minute counts when a person suffers a stroke. Strokes occur when part of the brain dies from lack of oxygen-carrying blood, usually the result of a damaged artery. The faster blood flow can be restored, the better the chance for complete recovery. 

Since the creation of the Lean Stroke Project Team one year ago, U-M has finely honed its stroke arrival process to benefit U-M faculty and health care staff, referring physicians and, most importantly, our patients.

Neeraj Chaudhary, MBBS, assistant professor, radiology; Joseph Gemmete, M.D., associate professor, radiology; and B. Gregory Thompson, Jr. M.D., professor, neurological surgery, check a stroke patient’s scan in the Neurointerventional Radiology suites.

It’s essential that patients arrive at the emergency department within what’s referred to as the “golden hour” of symptom onset. And it’s crucial that the door-to-needle time (the amount of time between a patient’s arrival at the hospital and the time he or she receives needed medication) be under 60 minutes.

“Faster arrival at the emergency room and faster treatment after arrival means a better chance for recovery from stroke,” says team member B. Gregory Thompson, Jr., M.D., professor, neurological surgery. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 1 2011

The Right Recovery Room

Livonia Surgery Center turns to staff for input, goes lean

Lean Coaches, Core and Workshop Leadership Members:

  • Matt Plachta, facilitator
  • Mary Duck, lean coach
  • Pat Lyons, lean coach
  • Loren Levy, M.D., sponsor
  • Pam Cittan, MSA, R.N., process owner
  • Barb White, CNOR, R.N., process owner
  • Donna Busch, R.N., workshop leader
  • Donna Duneske, R.N., workshop leader
  • Joelle Flynn, BSN, workshop leader
  • Roger Miller, R.N., workshop leader

When it comes to décor and operational processes, a lot can change in two decades. Employees at the Livonia Surgery Center were ready for updates. The recovery room was worn, cluttered and had few computers. Processes that worked on paper years ago had become cumbersome. Staff wanted to organize, streamline and simplify to spend more time at the patients’ bedsides.

“Our surgery center is different,” says Pamela Cittan, MSA, R.N., administrator and nurse manager, Livonia Surgery Center. “Our clinical leadership – Loren Levy, medical director, Barb White, operating room supervisor, and myself – met and agreed we wanted staff to be involved and asked them to look at what they would like to contribute and, in essence, become a dynamic part of the change.”

Engaging employees and utilizing lean coaches Mary Duck and Pat Lyons, the surgery center underwent a nine-month makeover that resulted in a 12-point improvement in Employee Engagement scores when it comes to recommending the department as a place to work. 92 percent of those surveyed would recommend the Livonia Surgery Center to others looking for jobs. Read the rest of this entry »