Jan 26 2012

Reach the Bar, Raise the Bar

UMHS has a New Patient Satisfaction Goal

In early 2011, UMHS achieved and surpassed its organizational target of 90 on the all-UMHS patient satisfaction index. The index represents the combined overall patient rating of care in all major patient care areas, including:

  • University Hospital
  • Cardiovascular Center
  • Mott/Holden
  • Women’s Birthing
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Emergency Department

How do we calculate patient satisfaction scores?

  • The UMHS score is not a percentage of patients satisfied with their care
  • Individual business units within UMHS measure patient satisfaction in many different ways
  • The UMHS score is a combination of these scores, calculated to create one overall score
  • Think of it like this: To get a 90 score on a five-point scale, half of the respondents would have given us the highest score (5) and the other half with the next highest rating (4). To get above a 90, more than half of the respondents would have to give us the highest score.

This significant accomplishment reflects steady improvements in patient satisfaction over the past five years, largely due to how our caregivers and other staff interact with patients and families. In fact, much credit in creating the Ideal Patient Care Experience is based on the platinum rule: treat others as they would like to be treated.

Health System leadership has now raised the bar, challenging faculty and staff to achieve a 93 overall rating of care.

Not all business units measure patient satisfaction in exactly the same way, but the universal rule to treat patients and families with respect, compassion, courtesy and kindness is a common goal across the institution. The results show significant improvements in how well we do this in both inpatient and outpatient settings, especially for doctors and nurses.Some highlights:

UMHS Overall

The current UMHS patient satisfaction index is 91.1, exceeding the previous goal of 90.

Ambulatory Care

  • In October 2011, another all-time high on rating of care (91.3), the 11th consecutive improvement over the past five years
  • Improvements in cleanliness, rating of provider, likelihood of returning to the same clinic and provider

Adult Inpatients

  • Overall rating of care is 91.3, through December 2011
  • Above national benchmarks in ratings related to nursing, physicians, personal issues, pain control, hand washing and staff working together
  • Friendliness and courtesy of physicians remains above national benchmarks
  • UMHS patients perceive vastly improved environmental cleanliness
  • Hospital noisiness, and thus a patient’s ability to rest, is an area for improvement

The patient satisfaction rating is one of 11 used by UMHS to track overall progress toward the 7 strategic goals:

  • The Ideal Patient Care Experience
  • Discovery and collaboration
  • Continuous learning environment
  • Diversity among all employees
  • Market leadership in key areas
  • Translate knowledge into practices/policies
  • Generate margin for the future

Pediatric Inpatients

  • Overall rating of care is 89.7, through December
  • Overall physician index and multiple physician ratings score above national benchmarks
  • Other improvements include nursing care, instructions for care at home and cleanliness
  • Early survey returns from patients discharged from the new Children’s and Women’s Hospital show large improvements in staff working together, ratings of physicians, environmental factors such as cleanliness and noise, and staff attitude toward families and visitors

Emergency Department

  • Overall rating of care is 84.7
  • Above national benchmarks in ratings related to physician index, pain control, overall rating of care and likelihood of recommending
  • All-time high ratings on informing patients about delays and the nursing care index

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  1. Strickland says:

    Should patients be wakened to have procedures such as CT, MRI on the midnight shift when we can easily try to schedule the tests and procedures on days and afternoons? We need to consider having more staff and equipment available for days and afternoons if we want to obtain better customer satisfaction. I hear patients complaining that they never get to sleep at night because something is always scheduled. I understand there are some urgent cases but for the most part why not consider my suggestion. Thanks.

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